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South of North Brewing Co.

A chat with Thomas Castillo lead brewer at South of North Brewing Co.

South of North Brewing located in South Lake Tahoe California has paired up with Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co to amplify one of their latest brews. "This style is a beer that already has coffee flavors. We thought it would enhance the flavors as well as round out the coconut profile. We went with Lift Ticket Espresso because Justin (owner & roaster of Bare Roots Coffee) felt it would have the most traditional coffee flavor and present the strongest in the beer at the end. We wanted Justin’s opinion because he is the expert and it felt like a collaboration having his input be present in the final product." -Thomas Castillo, Head Brewer at South of North Brewing.

Their Coconut Coffee Brown beer has a malt-forward medium body, that combines with subtle hints of coconut, is infused with coffee, and includes roasted malt, baked bread, and dried fruit notes. With a 5.5% abv, as the drinker you will be able to enjoy all the in-depth flavors without being overwhelmed by an "alcohol heat". It's a staff favorite and a great beer to pair with a delicious dessert. 

Brewing beer

South of North Style

Their focus stands true to classic session styles that allow you to enjoy all the raw materials of beer. By offering a variety of classic beer styles there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Connecting Community

"Our rotating circle of artists and musicians helps us support the artist community in Tahoe, having a space for people to express their artistic values and ideas keeps us passionate about having a place to do that. We are driven by the art of life: people, food and beer, Plain and simple."


The Coming Year 2024

It's business as usual for 2024 at South of North Brewing Co. They will continue making outstanding beer and food while providing a casually creative environment for locals and travelers alike. They are planning to meet the needs of locals who don’t make it down to Stateline by distributing around town to expand accessibility.

To make business even more exciting South of North is planning to enter the World Beer Cup, while also continuing to collaborate with other businesses in town.

Thomas says next year they will be focusing heavily on session beers, lagers, and Belgians. They are thinking of tackling a Saison and a Kettle Sour as well.


South of North Brewing Co. Events

Some exciting events are coming up this month including their 6th anniversary party on January 6th, a cowboys vs aliens theme! Get dressed up and jazzed to sample 14 beers on tap including new & limited releases. Then on January 11th the Annual Food & Beer Pairing Dinner will hosted by the head chef & head brewer takes place! Thomas has told us the courses are looking "epic" and that tickets will go on sale in advance on their website to this event, so be prepared to purchase!


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