Manos Campesinas is dedicated to bringing coffee from the hands of producers, helping smaller associations of producers gain access to the international market. This particular lot comes from three groups in the lesser known coffee producing region in the department of San Marcos,

 which is actually home to two impressive volcanoes (Tajumulco and Tacaná) boosting the highest elevations in all of Central America. Each of these community associations (Plan Villa Nueva, Media Cuesta, and Aprocafé Acdi) focus attention on training producers on best organic practices to manage their farms. In addition to making their own organic fertilizer, producers

use their own micro-mills to process harvested cherries, which includes hand sorting, depulping, fermenting, washing and drying the coffee to 11 percent moisture.


Region: San Marcos, Guatemala / Altitude: 1050-1100 meters  / Soil: Clay Minerals / Process: Fully washed & dried in the sun.

GUATEMALA San Marcos Manos Campesinas

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