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Inside a Coffee Roasting Company

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Welcome to Bareroots Coffee Roasting Company. A micro-roastery in Lake Tahoe CA.

Elevate your taste at 6240'

Located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, CA., Bare Roots Artisan Coffee Roasting Company is a family-owned and operated small-batch roastery that provides the Lake Tahoe Basin and beyond with premium roasted coffee beans that we responsibly sourced from organic, bird-friendly, and fair trade farms from around the world. By roasting micro batches of coffee, we maintain consistency in the quality of our craft. We take pride in creating an elevated coffee experience for our guests while also creating a strong community engagement/networking environment fostering relationships with our wholesale clients and our local community.

If you happen to walk into our micro-roastery during one of our weekly roasting days you will be met with a smile and the almost “baked bread-like” aroma of roasted coffee throughout the air. To ensure our coffee's high quality is maintained Justin (owner and roaster) utilizes sight, smell, and sound to micro-roast each batch to perfection. Keeping our business as bare and natural as possible he finds comfort in utilizing his senses over technology during his roasting process.

Coffee beans waiting to be roasted
Premium coffee beans awaiting roasting at Bareroots

Step through the door of our shop and experience life at a roasting company.

"Every day is Earth Day at Bare Roots" and we encourage you to bring your own container to fill with our fresh roasted beans! New to the art of coffee? Have questions? Ask your barista to guide you in the right direction!

Traveling from all corners of the world, the transformation of our green beans to freshly roasted is a delicate one. Once complete, each micro-batch is dated and set aside for a specialized timeframe. During this time it properly cures so it may be served to you. Handcrafted specialty drinks, homemade apothecary syrups, and our brewed in-house chai teas give us a nostalgic, artisan feel that will keep you coming back for more. You can trust that our products are cared for from the moment they enter our shop. We hold ourselves to a high standard during every step of the process.

Coffee Collaborations

Creating a family-based community is our specialty and is something you'll notice as soon as you enter our shop.

If you listen closely you'll hear our baristas greet regulars with "The usual?", you may hear - guest excitedly say "Surprise me" while setting their cup on the counter. We love getting to know everyone who walks through our doors and that is how we continue to connect with other businesses in town.

You can stop by a number of different cafes, shops, restaurants, and hotels on the south shore to enjoy a cup of our delicious Bareroots coffee.

We are better together and believe local collaboration is key to sustaining a thriving local economy! We are proud to provide custom roasting collaborations with these local favorites Noels Coffee & Apothecary, Lakeside Beach House, Art of Gelato, Dragonfly Bagel, El Dicho Cafe, The Woods, Glazed & Confused Donuts, Champagne & Chocolate, Key's Cafe, Key's Deli, Crazy Good Bakery, Cabin 28, Zalanta, Tahoe Mountain Inn, Sierra Properties and Desolation Hotel. If you are looking to shop our beans you can find us stocked at The Cork & More, Grassroots, and Whole Foods.

Stay Connected

Keep your taste buds excited with all we have to offer! When you subscribe to our blog, social channels, or email list you'll be the first to know about our latest roasts, seasonal menus, and caffeine-fueled events.

Join our monthly coffee delivery service to receive your favorite roasts right to your door.

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