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What is Swiss Water Decaf?

Unlike other decaffeination processes, the Swiss Water process removes caffeine from coffee beans using only boiling water. Here at Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co. our Heavenly Decaf is always roasted from a Swiss water-processed bean. This process was developed in the 1930s in Switzerland and it did not reach commercial use until the late 1970s.

Decaf coffee from Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co
Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co. Decaf Coffee

Step by Step

  1. First, the green bean is cleaned and pre-soaked to reach the correct moisture level that is ideal for extraction.

  2. For 8-10hrs boiling fresh water is circulated with the beans. This continues until only .1% of caffeine remains.

  3. Lastly, the beans are dried, packaged, and shipped to customers for roasting.

You can view a Swiss Water infographic here for a more in-depth experience.

What Makes a Swiss Water Decaf so Different?

Unless specified the majority of decaf coffee is leached. To remove caffeine the beans are first soaked in water and then soaked in a combination of solvent, normally methylene chloride or Ethyl acetate, and water. Even though deemed safe by administrations it is always ideal to know a little bit more about the process used in creating what you will be consuming. Methylene chloride in addition to a decaffeination tool is also used as a paint stripper and degreasing agent. Ethyl acetate, a fruit ether is commonly used as a base for vinegar & nail polish remover.

What's in Your Cup?

You now have the knowledge needed to make informed decisions when choosing your next cup of decaf! It is important to remember that decaf does not necessarily mean caffeine-free. Even though the Swiss Water process removes 99.9% of all caffeine a cup of decaf coffee can still possess anywhere from 2mg-7mg of caffeine. To be sure you are always brewing and drinking the highest quality beans enroll in our monthly coffee subscription service! Once enrolled you may choose 2 bags of coffee each month at a discounted price that we will ship (for free) straight to your doorstep.

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