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What is an Espresso Roast?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Get to know espresso roasting, extraction, and grind style.

A cup of espresso

It is a common misconception that espresso beans are different from any other coffee bean. In actuality, the Espresso style is a combination of roasting technique, extraction process, and grind. When you bring home a bag of our Lift Ticket Espresso you are on your way to enjoying a medium-roasted espresso bean with a nostalgic chocolate nutty flavor profile.


Espresso Coffee Roasting Technique

Espresso is traditionally roasted for a longer time than other coffee & is roasted at a higher temperature to promote extraction of oils from the beans. This roasting technique creates a delicious bold rich flavor that is ready for brewing.

lift ticket espresso from Bare Roots Roasting Co

What is an espresso grind?

Espresso is always ground on a fine-grind setting. This grind is necessary for the coffee extraction process to be effective in creating a quality cup. The finer the grind the more surface area is exposed for a faster extraction process. We recommend grinding your beans on demand for the freshest-smelling aromas and tasting notes. If you're in the market for a coffee grinder think burr ,the results go unmatched by any blade grinder. In the meantime, feel free to request a grind style while ordering online from our shop.

What is an espresso extraction process?

As we explained above the perfect grind is essential to a great cup of espresso. The finer the grind, the more surface area is exposed allowing for a faster extraction process. Before you go to brew your espresso it is necessary to tamper your grind correctly. A good tamp will evenly compact coffee while creating resistance for the high-pressured water flow to fully saturate the surface area. If you are extracting at home a good guideline to follow is 30lbs of pressure, 25-30ml of espresso extracted in 25-30 seconds of brewing.

What is crema?

The crema is the cherry on top of a well-executed espresso! It is that caramel-colored poof that floats on top of the shots once they are extracted. Crema is important because it is what gives the texture to compliment the flavor profiles of drinking an espresso. During the brewing process when the water is under high pressure, it absorbs more carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the gas that is created inside the coffee beans during the coffee roasting process. So the crema is tiny carbon dioxide bubbles that create a deliciously creamy texture.

Enjoying the perfect espresso!

As you see espresso is an art form from start to finish. At the core, it may be just like any other bean, but it takes on many transformational experiences to become your favorite specialty drink.

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