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Discover the Art of Coffee Roasting

at Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co.

Pouring freshly brewed coffee.

Who We Are

Crafting Specialty Coffee

Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co is a micro-roasting artisan coffee company located in South Lake Tahoe California, using only the highest quality ingredients to excite any coffee lover's taste buds. Our passion for coffee has led us to create unique cuppings that are roasted in small batches to ensure the freshest taste. We take pride in sourcing our beans from sustainable and ethical coffee farms around the world. Our commitment to quality has earned us a reputation for excellence in the coffee industry.

Our Process

From Bean to Cup

At Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co, we believe that every cup of coffee should be an experience. That's why we use the pour-over method to create a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee. Our baristas are trained in the art of coffee brewing to ensure that every cup is brewed to perfection. We also offer a variety of brewing methods, including classic drip and espresso. Our knowledgeable staff are always available to help you choose the perfect bean and brewing method to suit your taste.

Brewing a pour over coffee.
Roasting coffee fresh each week.
Sourcing Ethical Coffee Beans


At Bare Roots Coffee Roasting Co, we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. We source our coffee beans from small-scale farmers who use sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods. We believe that by supporting these farmers, we can help to create a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our packaging and operations. We use eco-friendly packaging and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in everything we do.

Coffee Necessities

Filtered Coffee

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